Abiogenesis/The Origin of life

If life evolved from clay particles 6 million years ago, then maybe evolutionists and creationists can finally agree on something. God formed man from clay ( but it took 6 million years ).


And who is to say, that when we die, and are turned to dust, that evolution doesn’t starts all over again, for each and every one of us, till we are reborn in 6 million years time.

Life as a carer

Life as a carer is incredibly isolating. Don’t expect former work colleagues or friends to remain in touch. They won’t. You will feel like someone who is surplus to requirement. The mail you will receive will be junk. The phone calls will be scammers. You will need to learn new skills and hobbies. In a society where people are judged according to their salary and status, you will feel worthless. You will need to re-evaluate your aspirations and goals. You will need to ignore the mass media’s obsession with fame and fortune. You will need to focus on what really matters i.e. making the person you care for, happy, content and healthy. Then you learn that money and status never really lead to happiness. Happiness comes from helping others.